Math with Shahin


AP Seminar

AP Seminar is a very different kind of course. As the students put it, the content is the content of research. In Math, English, or Biology classes, you know what topics you'll be covering because the content is information based. For this course, our content is skills based. This year we'll hit a wide variety of skills, not limited to identifying quality research, group dynamics, annotation of articles, images, poetry and songs, and writing quality research papers.

The topics we'll be covering first semester to help guide us through these skills are:
Myths, Legends, Comics, and Media,
Artificial Intelligence,
and Identity.

The second semester consists of our work for college board.
Task 1 is a group project around a topic decided upon by each of the 3-5 students. The students spend 6 weeks developing individual papers and a group presentation seeking to answer or respond to a real-world problem or issue.
Task 2 is an individual project, spurred by stimulus material provided by college board. This is another 6 week project, but both the papers and the presentations are developed individually around a topic related to the over-arching theme behind the stimulus material.
The morning of May 8th, students will sit down to take the AP Seminar Exam as a culmination of the experience they've built over the year.