Math with Shahin


AP Statistics

Statistics is a mathematics class unlike any other in high school. It is often more similar to an English course than it is to a mathematics course. The math itself is easy (if you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide), but the concepts are deep and rich. Statistics helps to strengthen a student's critical thinking and analytic skills as that becomes the primary focus of most topics throughout the course. Our mathematics is rarely just "done," but rather written about in full context of the problem of interest.

Students are expected to read the night before, and attempt the problems each night. These readings and problems are all before the notes for that day in order to allow the student an introduction to the topic before it is discussed in class. These readings and assignments should help to generate the questions that drive inquisitive minds forward through the course. Time is allowed in class for students to work together, and ask questions of the teacher.

The absolute strongest strategy a student will have in this course as far as learning the material and being successful is learning to work in cooperative groups. Students who rely solely on their own intellect often struggle.